Sunday, June 10, 2012

Impromptu Lightening Bug Catching

Tonight we had a great time doing something that I hope you get a chance to do this summer too...catching lightening bugs!! Lylah held the jar while mommy and daddy ran around like crazy people trying to catch each lightening bug she pointed out!! We filled her jar and came inside to turn out all the lights and watch the bugs flashing. Lylah loved it and actually so did I!!! We talked about how awesome it is that God created a bug that lights up at night! We also told her how we are to be lights of the world. We watched the bugs some more and actually went out and caught MORE!

Nathan put Lylah to bed (with her jar on the chair next to the bed) and he said we need to catch lightening bugs every night because Lylah was super sweet. She even asked to pray for me which she NEVER does!!! She talked to her lightening bugs for almost 40 minutes!! Summer memories. Love it :)

Princess Tea Party

We have the best library ever. We REALLY have the best librarian ever! She put together the sweetest little princess tea party for the girls on Saturday. Now our little lady is such a funny mixture of totally girly and adventure lovin' girl. Well let's just say that the tea party was super fun for the girly side of Lylah. Here are just a few pictures of our fun:

Thankfully the frog didn't turn into a prince :). We aren't going to be ready for that for a long time!!

Camping out

On Memorial Day weekend we finally got a chance to go camping. You see we tried going camping with Lylah for the first time in the fall, but couldn't find our tent, we borrowed one from our neighbors and it broke when we were trying to set it up :(

So we got a new tent for Christmas and finally had a night that was free and was good weather wise. Lylah was super excited about the tent and her sleeping bag!! When we got to the camp site we immediately ate lunch. Lylah was not happy about the flies which made me think we were for sure going to have to turn around and leave. Thankfully she calmed down and got to work "helping" daddy set up the tent. Like I said she was very excited about the tent so as soon as it was up she was ready to get in her sleeping bag!!

After playing around the site for a bit we went down to the lake to swim. She had some arm floats and another little float. We all had a great time swimming!! The water was perfect!!!

Nathan's uncle lives close to the lake so we went to his house for a cookout that evening. It was a great visit and incredible food, but sadly I didn't get any pictures :(

We got back to the site in time for Nathan to work on getting the fire going. We had the perfect camping evening. We roasted marshmallows and played games. We even got Lylah some glow sticks which were a big hit!!

When it came time for bed I reminding Nathan that I was sure we wouldn't be actually sleeping for a while. We all three got into the tent and the craziest thing happened....Lylah went right to sleep!! She slept until 7:30 the next morning!! Perfect camping trip with our little family!!!