Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Make a difference: bows for babies

It is no secret that I enjoy crafting. I especially enjoy making bows. I have been selling my bows for the past couple of months and have kept a somewhat steady business. However, right now in our lives we do not need that extra income. There are people, in particular little baby sized people and their mommies, who could benefit greatly from it. My heart is burdened by the fact that 1500 mothers and 10,000 babies die each day due to complications that can be prevented by the presence of a skilled birth attendant. It also saddens me that 24,000 children under the age of five die from diseases that could be prevented with a simple vaccine. Soooo, the idea of "Bows for Babies" was born. From now until at least the end of the summer the profits from my bow sales will go straight to Compassion International's child survival program. Now, you may wonder why on earth I would be blogging about this. Well, here's why: because I'm sure some of you know a lil lady or maybe even a big lady who would love a pretty for her hair or a pin for her sweater and just think, everytime she/you wear it you can think and pray for the little ones you are helping through your purchase. Now that I'm sure your mind is racing with names of people you would like to give a bow to, here is the most efficient way to get it done: first let me know your order (via facebook, email (, or call me if you have my number) then go to my fundraising page From there make a donation in at least the amount of your order. I will get an email that the donation has been made and I will make your bows and get your order to you!! Easy peasy ham and cheesy!!!! Oh and one more thing, please tell everyone you know who may be interested!! Wouldn't it be awesome to raise enough money to start a new child survival program??!!! Okay here are some pretty's to temp you!!

$4 valentine bow

$12 three flower headband

$5 felt flower clip or pin.

$5 different type of flower

This is my way of telling you to view my facebook album called "little treasures" for lots more fun bow options!!! Thanks in advance for helping me help compassion help mommies and babies!! Ps. That's a LOT of helping!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some of my favorite things you do: Lylah version

I was watching Lylah tonight and thinking about all the sweet funny things she does that I love. Thought you might like to hear them too!

The way she stretches like 100 times before standing up in the morning when I wake her.

The way she clings to my legs when she wakes up but is still sleepy.

The way she "runs" to something/someone when she is excited.

The way her eyes get wide open and she says "whoa" when something impresses her.

The way she motions for me to "come here".

The way she mimics me when we play babies and then I see her do the things she has learned later.

The way she signs letters of the alphabet.

The way she says "daddy" and gets really excited when she hears the door close.

The way she laughs.

The way she remembers things in books and "tells me about them" when she wants to read that book.

The way she snuggles up to me after her bath.

The way she struts her stuff when she is doing something "important".

The way she helps.

The way she studies everything.

That she signs and says "more" after I sing her the "My God is so Big" song.

The way she hold our hands and bows her head to pray.

The way she runs into my arms when I pick her up from the nursery/sitter.

Well, obviously this post could go on forever. But who can blame me. This girl is just that lovable!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lylah's first sensory tub

I have been wanting to make our lil' lady a sensory tub for a while, but couldn't make up my mind on what to put in it. Thank you Mighty $ for the inspiration!!

This tub is a Valentines Day theme. We also have lots of v-day books from the library. The tub has fake petals and little plastic hearts for the "filler" type item. It also has some pink pompoms and some red glittery hearts. I put in a scoop and some little heart containers for filling. Finally a squishy ball and some little bracelets. I know, I probably went overboard and put too much in, but Lylah loved it!!! She kept smelling everything though and I didn't really put anything in to appeal to that sense- so note to self next time I need something smelly in it :)

If you have never heard of sensory bins just google it for much better ones than this. I just like the idea of offering Lylah sensory experiences in the form of little treasures that she gravitates to anyway (ex. Pompoms, cottonballs). So plan on seeing more posts like this one in the future!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Three for the price of one

Here are a few thoughts that are to short for their own posts, so you have a three for the price of one today!!

Mini-post 1.
Lylah has a new favorite toy persay. It is "beddie", meaning a small baby doll quilt my mamaw made for me when I was young. First off let me say that my mamaw is a very special lady to me. She picked me up for church every Sunday growing up so needless to say, "beddie" was a special toy to me too!! I had plans of having it framed so I could hang it on the wall in our lil lady's room, but as soon as she found it (a couple weeks ago) she has loved it. She will lay down and say "beddie" and want to be covered up. She covers her babies and tells them "shhh". Sometimes she even just looks at it and giggles, hugging it tightly. So sweet! I hope she never stops calling it "beddie". Thanks mamaw for making "beddie" for me to enjoy and then pass down in love to my lil lady!

Mini-post 2.
My sister recently made me some cloth wipes. You may remember from some of my previous posts that we cloth diaper Lylah and LOVE it!!! Well, I've been wanting to use cloth wipes at home and on the go for a while as it just makes since with cloth diapers. Anyway, I love them too!!! I made some solution that I keep on the changing table (water, baby shampoo, and baby oil) and I just spray the wipe a bit before using it then I toss it in the pail with the diaper!! Easy peasy ham and cheesy!! Now we still plan on using disposable wipes when the lil lady's poos are out of control just for the sheer fact that they would be a bit yucky to rinse out :( All in all we are sure we have found a new cloth love!!

Mini-post 3.
Our lil' lady has a hat addiction, but only if SHE is the one who puts the hat on. I think it comes from the shear fact that three of her favorite guys wear hats often (daddy, poppy, and Nate- the babysitter's son). Here are some pica of her latest hats.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Passing it on

I got a Kitchen Aid for Christmas. I'm not going to lie, I was a little intimidated by it. You see, I don't really bake, I like to eat baked things, but I really don't bake. But there is something about having a machine like this one that really makes a person want to bake. So, tonight I tried my first real recipe- homemade pizza crust. This is a special recipe from my dad and I really wanted it to be yummy. About two weeks ago my dad gave me a very helpful walk thru on how to make a tasty pizza crust. Well tonight while my dough was rising, my lil lady came to the kitchen gate and kindly signed and said "cook" ( I guess she takes after her poppy). So I did what my dad did for me- I walked her thru making a hopefully tasty pizza!! It was really special baking with Lylah like my dad baked with me, it was sort of like I was passing on a special secret!

Punching the dough. Sorry the pictures aren't the best- I had my phone handy so that's what I took the pictures with.

Time to roll the dough out. Just before this we greased the pan and sprinkled it with cornmeal. Lylah kept eating the cornmeal!! She would say "mmmmm" and eat some more. I've mentioned before she likes to taste test!

Spreading the sauce.

Adding some yummy toppings.

Posing before we put our pizza in the oven.

The finished product-YUM!!

It was so yummy!! I must say, I was very proud!! I can understand why people get into baking!!! Oh and by the way, Lylah asked for more bread (pizza crust)!! Love it!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year!! Here's to growing in the Word, family adventures, snugglin' our lil' lady, crafting bunches, and whatever else God has in store for our 2011!