Monday, February 27, 2012

It Never Gets Old

I have posted several times about our flower field here in The Grove, well guess what?! All this spring like weather has brought our field back to it's full blooming beauty!! Lylah and I happened upon it today while walking to the "big huge" playground. Needless to say we went on over. Now I think I need to give you a back story, the year we were trying to get pregnant I went to the field alone once (I would always go with my neighbors back then) and just cried hoping to one day make this a tradition with my own children. So needless to say, after three years of sharing the field with Lylah it never does get old!!! It may just get sweeter!! Today she ran around going to different "bunches" of flowers. She kept saying "isn't this a wonderful flower field". We even took time to pray and thank Jesus for our flower field. We laid in the grass together pretending to sleep while she held onto her 4 little flowers the whole time. I was even able to get a few sweet pictures with my phone (we'll have to go back with the real camera).

It did occur to me on the way home that last year when I posted about our time in the flower field I was excited about the possibility of taking pictures of two sweeties this year. Obviously that was not God's plan for us which got me a little upset on the way home, but I was reminded that His ways are perfect so Lylah and I just started singing praises for His beautiful creation instead. Of course we would appreciate your prayers that Lydia would be home for next years trip to "our wonderful flower field".

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Flower girl fun

Last month Lylah got to be the flower girl in Nathan's cousins wedding. I'm not going to lie, when we first accepted this role I was a little nervous. Lylah tends to take a while to really warm up to a crowd or a new situation. This would fall into both. The days leading up to the wedding we really talked it up. She was so excited!! Her excitement kept building as we got the dress and then the shoes!! She kept telling everyone about "her wedding dress".

The night of the rehearsal Lylah was like a different little girl!! She was talking to everyone and loving her spot light!!

Ashton and Jarod gave her a sweet little doll baby as a gift Friday night. She toted it around the whole weekend!!!

The day of the wedding was so sweet!! Lylah was such a big girl!! I think one reason it went so well was because she really hit it off with Ben, the ring bearer. I wish I could explain how much fun they had!! They both just played and played in between pictures the whole afternoon!!! They were playing with his Cars toys and they kept getting further and further away. When I went to check on them Ben said, "I'm 5, I can protect her." They didn't want to do anything apart! So stinkin' sweet!!!!!

After Lylah did her job at the wedding (she actually rang a little bell), she got to come back and sit with me. I just knew we would have to leave the wedding service. I was wrong again!!! We sat next to Ben and his mom. He shared his gummies with Lylah!! Little did he know, that is apparently the way to her heart. At one point during the service she reached over and patted his neck, then gave him a little kiss on the cheek!!! After the service there were more pictures. She took time to give her main man a kiss too!

The reception was by far Lylah's favorite part!! After the dinner Ben came to find her so they could dance, and boy did they dance!!! At one point there was a whole circle of people around them clapping!!! Seriously, my daughter used to be shy!!!?? Nathan kept asking her to dance and she kept saying "no daddy, you go over there". I think she danced with everyone except for us!!! It was so sweet though watching every moment and thinking how much Lylah has grown up!!!

We ended up leaving the reception after 10:00 and Lylah still cried because she wanted to stay!!! She still asks about Ben at least every couple of days and talks about Ashton and Jarod's wedding and how she wants to have a wedding when she gets bigger. I think she enjoyed the weekend, and so did we!!!