Sunday, November 13, 2011

F is for fall

This week we worked on some letter "F" activities. FUN! Actually, Lylah was not much in the mood for some of the activities. We had a crazy week last week and this week she was really ready to play babies again!! Anyway, here is what we got into....

Both o's the above activities were Mighty $ finds and are on our shelves for November. The top is a giraffe number puzzle and the bottom is a magnet letter matching game.

Our favorite "F" fall!! Lylah said, "I have a football like Tim Tebow has a football!! Tim Tebow loves Jesus and I love Jesus!". So funny!!

"F" is for feathers.

"f" is for fall. Lylah's torn paper fall tree.

We also did playdough. I believe in the above picture Lylah is saying "Look at this little baby playdough." (In her best sweet baby voice no less). I revamped her fall sensory bin (which will be on our shelves through November) and she playing in it. We also went outside and played in the leaves!!! Something that didn't end up in pictures was our Bible time activities. We danced to the song Psalm 139:14 on our Seeds family worship CD. We also talked about God made people (and me). We cut people out of magazines and made a "God made people collage". For the next couple weeks or so we will focus on the letter "T" and thanksgiving!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

What Lylah likes at 27 months

So if you really know our little lady, you know that she has always been a little quirky. We are so okay with that and enjoy being quirky right along with her!! Here are some of the quirky things Lylah is into right now.

Jammies. She will wear jammies any time we are home. If we leave for a bit, the first thing she wants to do when we get home is put on jammies.

Black olives. The girl would seriously eat a whole can! Meanwhile, I could not for the life of me get her to eat a pumpkin muffin with cream cheese icing this morning. Really?!

Rocks. She picks up rocks everywhere we go and then cries if we tell her she can't keep them. One day recently we were at Pelly's and she had apparently filled her pockets with tiny little pieces of gravel. When I went to change her clothes-her pants started raining gravel!!

Ezra. Our dog. Last night she played doctor with Ezra (even put the plastic bandaid on her!), she sung to her, and brought her some lunch. She needs her sister to be home!!

Bandaids. One of her best buddies got her some car bandaids which she would have stuck all over herself if we let her!! She all the time has "boo-boo's" that only she can see apparently. I finally am operating on a no blood-no bandaid policy-no fun I know :)

Stuffed animals and books. These are really the two things she will just play and play. I'm perfectly okay with this being one of her likes for a very long time.

Zippers and socks pulled up, up, up. I'm not gonna lie. This one sometimes wears me out. The girl has to have her socks and zippers pulled allllllll the way up. Not as much of a problem with zippers, but socks....geez. We are all the time stopping to pull socks back up-again!!

Teeny tiny anything. She has been this way for as long as I can remember, finding the tiny little fuzz ball on the floor and such, except now she likes to carry them around! Ha!! Of course then the fuzz ball gets lost and she may or may not wig out!

So there you have it. That's my quirky girl and we love her just. the. way. she. is!!

What about your kiddo's?? What are some of the things that make them quirky??

Thursday, November 10, 2011

From the mouth of babes

A while back I wrote a post about the funny words Lylah says, well now that she is speaking in sentences I want to document some of the funny phrases she says too. Sorry if this is uninteresting to you, but I have the worst memory so this will help me be able to share some if these funny sayings with our lil lady when she gets older :)

"hold you". Meaning she wants me to hold her

"you tell it". Meaning someone has asked her a question that she either doesn't know the answer to or doesn't want to answer.

"see ya later excavator". She actually came up with this one on her own. Yes she is obsessed. On another note she will carry a tiny rock around all day so I think she is part excavator!!

She often tries to say a sentence and gets the parts of speech all mixed up. For instance today she said: "who gave me that too?" about some jammies she wanted to wear.

She copies phrases she has heard me use but uses them in a funny context. The other day I asked her what toys she played with at church and she said "hmmmm....books maybe"

I think it's funny when she is overly dramatic about her voice change when asking a question. Once she asked my mom "you wanna paper towel". You have to imagine her pointing to my mom and then her voice changing a couple of levels from the first word to the last.

She says "how bout that" all the time. I had no idea where it came from until I caught myself saying it several times over the course of a couple days. Anyway, the other day Nathan was wearing boots and pointed out that Lylah was too. Lylah's reply: "Daddy has boots like Lylah has boots-how bout that!". Needless to say Nathan and I cracked up!!!

She is over all very dramatic with her speech, and NEVER STOPS TALKING!!! Nathan and I are all the time cracking up at the funny things she says-seriously so much fun!!!