Sunday, September 19, 2010

Look what I made!

I was able to find The Very Hungry Caterpillar board book at the Friends of the Library used book sale. So, this afternoon Lylah and I snuggled up with her caterpillar rattle and the book. She loved the holes in the different items the caterpillar eats. She also loved "counting" the food as well. She didn't love any of those things as much as she loved making her very own caterpillar puppet!! I just cut out some circles on my cricuit and helped Lylah glue them down. At first I did the glue, but then I let her help me which she loved!! It is so neat to watch her try to place the shape on the glue. Her little fine motor skills just keep developing! I remember when she would try to put her paci in her mouth and miss and hit her forehead! After I put caterpillar on the stick, she played with him and the glue stick for probably 15 minutes!! Cute, cute!

Another weekend, another bento

I love the weekends! I get to snuggle our little lady full time and I get to make her bento lunches too!! Here is the one I made today!

This bento had four heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches two of them complete with some fruit leather heart embellishments, veggie chips, avocado slices, and a plum slice smiley face with grape eyes and dried fruit nose and smile. Some fun facts about this bento: I did a jig in Aldi when I found veggie chips AND fruit leather (I love that place). Lylah wasn't as impressed with the fruit leather as I was :) I figured she wouldn't eat it yet, it's kinda tough. Okay with mommy because I really like that stuff!! Lylah ate the other food up, although this time she took her time!

Three Springs Park

We took a family outing to Three Springs Park on Saturday. Lylah liked it much more than the last time and I was able to snap some fun pictures. Enjoy!

Almost twins

Saturday afternoon Lylah and I got to hang out with our buddy MLK!! There was training going on for school so I watched her while her mom, Beth had her round of meetings. We had lots of fun! The girls really played well together. They hugged each other, they took turns (sort of) hugging babies, it was great. At one point I thought it would be big fun to take them to the park. So, I called our neighbor to and borrowed her double stroller. I was able to get both girls out the door by holding their hands. I was really proud of myself. So proud in fact, that as we were walking to the park I got to thinking about what if I had twins. The girls are only about 3 months apart so I figured it wasn't that much different. Still very proud of myself, I decided that I would be able to handle it like a champ.....then we got to the park.

Things went fine as long as the girls were interested in the same things. It was when they got going in different directions that really threw me off!!! Also, MLK is much more of a dare devil then Lylah is so at one point she was at the top of a piece of playground equipment while Lylah was on the steps of the equipment. MLK kept going back and forth while Lylah wobbled on the stairs. This of course was my moment of realization that a single handed park trip was not easy with "twins"! :) We still had fun and I actually did snap a picture of the girls in the double stroller and once we got home that I wanted to share. Oh, and just in case you were toddlers were damaged during our little outing! That's a plus, right?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lylah's first Bento Lunch

I've really gotten into reading about Bento lunches that other moms are making for their kiddos. From my understanding, Bento lunches are actually very popular in Japan where you would find all kinds of supplies and accessories. If you are interested in seeing some really cute Bentos check out one of my favorite sites. Mine was very simple, but boy was it fun to make and I really think my little lady enjoyed it too. She usually eats like a little bird, but as soon as I sat the lunch down in front of her she started scarfing it down. I mean really scarfing!! I still wasn't able to sneak the tomatoes or black olives pass her, but she actually almost ate everything else!! Another thing that really surprised me was that she didn't even mess with the tray. I thought she might try to tip it over or at least take the muffin cup out, but nope she didn't!! So cool. Anyway, maybe it was a fluke, but I'd like to think that she appreciated something fun and different for lunch. So here is what it looked like:

You can probably tell, but here is what was in Lylah's Bento:
whole wheat pasta tossed in some Italian dressing (with tomatoes and olives)
two sunshine cheddar cheese pieces
four heart watermelon pieces
a handful of grapes sliced
and 1/2 a chopped up hot dog (not healthy, I know)
I decided to link this up here check it out for lots more fun lunches!
There you have it!! Now here are some shots of Lylah savoring the goodness!

Friday, September 10, 2010

A tribute to summer

Summer was sweet just like a big juicy piece of watermelon.

It was full of smiles,

and was gone too soon,

goodbye sweet summer and goodbye first big slice of watermelon.

Weekend field trip: Indy Canal

We went to Indianapolis last weekend to visit Nathan's family and on Sunday we decided to go into the city and walk along the canal. It is really neat and Lylah loved it! She kept signing water at every fountain she'd see and she panted at every single doggie! She even got to try her hand at rolling down a hill like her big cousins were doing. So funny!! It was a beautiful night and very fun indeed! I did manage to snap some pictures even though they were the only ones I took all weekend :( It is a lot harder to take pictures now that she is walking all over the place.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Play date with MLK

A couple of weeks ago we ventured out into the heat with our good buddies for some fun at Three Springs Park! Lylah was more interested in the water bottles than playing..95 degrees..go figure. We'll have to try it again when it isn't quite so hot, but I do think the girls had fun and even though the mama's were sweatin' we had fun watching our lil' ladies play too!

Do notice Lylah's sweaty pigtails in the 4th picture and her signing water in the
2nd! It was really hot :)