Tuesday, January 29, 2013

To Catch You Up to Speed

Wow. I was just thinking about doing a blog post but then I sort of got lost in old posts for a bit. I was a crummy blogger in 2012. Forgive me? Maybe I'll do better in 2013. It certainly was fun looking back through old posts so maybe that'll be motivation. Anyway I wanted to post a little update on all things Mattingly..

1. We are getting closer to moving. We have had volunteers and friends helping Nathan get things all ready and it's getting close! We are super excited to be in town and to see what God has in store for us. Oh, and don't you like my pretty green cabinets?!

2. There are a few guests that pop up at our house at least once a day. Marco, Luka, and Luke are all of Lylah's imaginary sons. Random, I know, but totally Lylah. These imaginary sons have entertained her for mornings on end. One day I got the entire house ready for a showing while Lylah and her sons had conversations. Here is what I know. It is always Marco's birthday. He does karate and gymnastics. She seems to talk with him the most. She also talks to her real friends and family about Marco like they should know who he is. I don't know much about Luka except he seems to get in trouble the most. Luke is the newest "son" on the scene and by far the coolest since he is "super brave and usually spends 3 hours killing monsters and mean guards". Seriously?!

3. When Lylah's sons are all off doing karate and killing things she spends her time dancing around the house being a "prima ballerina". She turns everything into a barre, my oven and dish washer handles, the bathroom rails in the handicap restrooms. She even practices going up on pointe. She loved all things ballerina already, but it exploded when she visited dance class with a friend! To top it off her Meme got her a "ballerina suit" for Christmas and then a friend from church gave her one too! We will probably have dance classes in her near future.

4. I so wish I could post some of the pics we've gotten lately of Miss Lydia! In one picture she is going to town on a sucker! My favorite so far is of her riding on a nanny's back (classic African style) while the nanny pushes some other kiddos on the swings. She looks tiny in that pic! We also got a picture just last night of her crawling! Our i600 has been filed so hopefully we will get approval in the next few weeks. We are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel! Please pray that we don't have any major hiccups from here on out and that we are celebrating being a family of four soon!

Okay, I think that's all for now.. :-)