Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Field trip #4: Sweatin' in the Outback

For our fourth field trip, Lylah and I took advantage of free teacher month at Kentucky Down Under. Since my sister's birthday is this month too, we treated them and they came along for the fun.

So, I had never been to KY Down Under, but I knew that Lylah would like it because she LOVES animals of any kind. Well, if you've never been, it sits on top of a VERY big hill. Let's just put it this way...GIANT HILL+OUT OF SHAPE MAMAS PUSHING STROLLERS=LOTS AND LOTS OF SWEAT. It was HOT and we got our workout pushin' our lovely ladies around in their little limos.

Other than the heat and the fact that our camera was acting crazy, we really did have a fun time. My sister and I laughed at how hot we were. Lylah watched all the people and pointed at and even petted some of the animals. Bella also seemed to enjoy the day, she sat in her stroller wide eyed, sweatin' like the rest of us!

We watched the sheep herding, fed the birds, listened to a talk about the Aborigines, and went on a mini outback. After that we enjoyed some time in the nice cool gift shop while Bella ate a bottle. It was a fun trip and it was great to spend the day with my sis and Bella.

We are really excited about our next field trip which will be a week long...........we're going on VACATION!!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It never gets old....

taking pictures of this smile....

field trip #3: flying high??

Well our third field trip of the summer was kind of a bust. We went to the BG airport which Lylah would have loved if some planes would have taken off while we were there. Needless to say, there isn't much air traffic in our lil' city! Now, Lylah made the best of it. She enjoyed banging on the door of the airport "waiting area", and she thought that the standing still planes were really cool for a minute or so. The other highlight of the trip: picking grass and trying to eat it of course!! She also actually caught a fly, like the insect kind, I think she gets that from her cousin Jonah! Anyway, if we lived in Nashville or Indy this would have been a great trip but not so much here. Lylah and I did enjoy each others company, but we should have tried to make it home for bubble day at the library instead (I didn't realize it was going on that day or we would have). Here are a couple of pictures to document the "excitement".

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This girl is movin'!

Saturday was a a BIG day at our house. Our little lady, who has been well behind all her buddies in the gross motor department, crawled across the floor in our living room. She actually crawled from the couch to the bathroom door. I thought maybe it was going to just be a fluke and she wouldn't do it again for a while, but I was WRONG. She crawled around the rest of the night and even tackled walking behind her push toy which was also a first! I'll post more pictures of that soon. I told Nathan that it seems like she is so much more content (which is saying a lot because she's always been really content anyway). I think it's the sweetest thing ever and I only cried a few little proud mama tears!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

field trip #2 splashes and slobber

This week Nathan was at camp so we took our field trip to Bebe and Poppy's house! Lylah LOVES going there. She of course loves her Bebe and Poppy, but she also loves their crazy dog Phoebe! We had a lot of fun. We took several walks, played around the house, and swam in the pool. My aunt Marilyn came up to see Lylah as well. It's funny to me that no matter how old I get and how long I've lived on my own, I will always consider home where my mom and dad are. It was a great trip not only for Lylah, but for me as well!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

I love paper crafts.

I stayed up way too late Friday night working on these little pretties. I do get so excited when I finish a card...

10 Months Old

At ten months old, Lylah is a hoot!!! She is still wanting to move sooooo bad, only now she can walk with someone holding her fingers. Needless to say we are holding her fingers A LOT. She lets go and trys to "walk" on her own, but only leans over and falls :) She can stand next to anything and LOVES doing so. She thinks she is big stuff. A little game we like to play when Lylah is standing next to something is the "trust fall" (that's what I call it anyway). Lylah stands there until she gets tired of it then she falls backwards; she thinks it is so funny!! The only thing that makes it not funny is when she plays that game when no one is behind her. Lots of head bonks around our house lately!

Lylah is also signing "more". She mainly signs "more" for fruit and grilled chicken. She NEVER signs "more" for cereal. :) She is eating mostly what we are eating except if we're having chili dogs or pizza- we haven't went there yet!

My favorite thing Lylah is doing right now is dancing. She dances to ANY music she hears. She dances to her musical toys, to the music in the stores, to the music we sing, to the music she sings, and sometimes to the music she must hear in her head. I don't know where she got her moves from because she really does sway to the beat!! Anyway, it is super cute. Typical Lylah at 10 months old!

We also moved her crib down, I think she likes it!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Field Trip 1: Lots of smiles!

We took our first field trip to the BG Humane Society with our good buddies. Lylah loved it, just as I suspected she would. In fact, they keep a cat in the main window of one of the shelters and she liked it so much that she actually cried when I took her away from him to show her the next animal. She actually did that a few times before she figured out that it meant there was more to see. She just jabbered away at every animal I showed her. I think it's adorable how much she likes animals. Her fingers went right into every cage trying to pet whatever critter was in there. When we visited the dogs she even was trying to get one to lick her in the face like our doggies do. I think we will have to visit again just because it is a great place right here in BG where she can see some new animals. Besides, I think most of the animals liked her too. There was only one little kitty that she scared half to death with her "ahhhhhhhhh", that she kept saying. Here are some pics from our fun, I didn't take that many because I was so busy watching her experience it and making sure she didn't fall over :)