Tuesday, October 25, 2011

P is for Pumpkin

Here is what we got into during our learning time last week.

Of course we did our do a dots. In fact I probably won't take pictures of this activity again, just know that Lylah loves using her do a dot markers and I love the hand eye coordination this activity develops :)

We did a letter matching activity that I had hoped to get out when we were learning "A", but it didn't happen. This activity then went to her learning shelf so that she could revisit it throughout the next couple of months. It has all of the letters we have worked on up to this point.

We continued talking about circles. We made a circle pumpkin (sorry no finished product picture!) and stamped with a pencil eraser.

We took a trip to the post office and talked about post office starting with "P" :)

How fun right??!

We put pom-pom magnets on our pumpkin page. This also went to our shelf for Lylah to revisit while we continue with "P" this week.

We had a couple of "P" themed lunches.

We sorted pumpkins by size. This also went to our shelf :)

We counted pumpkin candies and then of course ate them!

We were on Day five of creation for our Bible learning. We made a creation necklace out of beads a friend gave to us. We made the Day Five page of our creation books and we watched for birds. I wanted to make handprint fish, but alas we didn't get to it :)

Finally for fine motor we continued to practice cutting as well as spooning marbles (the marbles went to our shelf).

I got together with a friend and even made a "P" themed craft!! Like my paper pumpkins?! Thanks "P"interest!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

More on the letter "A".

This week we continued on with the letter "A". It actually ended up being a rather eventful week so we only got a couple days of learning time in, but that's the nice thing about our rather laid back method of tot school. If we are out and about we just learn where we are :)

I had actually planned on revisiting several of the things we did last week such as the apple picking dice game, apple tweezing and playdough. That worked out nicely because Lylah loved getting those game she was familiar with out throughout the day. Here are some other things we got into this week:

We glued acorn tops on the letter "A".

Made an alligator. A "big huge one" as Lylah would say.

Played our ABC puzzle sensory bin. Love this one by the way!!

Color sorted just because it's fun right?!

Painted circles with a TP tube!!!

We also worked on Day four of creation. We made another page for our Creation Book (you'll see our pages displayed in a bit), practiced our Genesis 1:1 verse (next week we get a new verse!!), used our creation sensory bin, and tomorrow we are going to paint a sun :).

One other super exciting thing we did was build and hang some display strips in our "learning room" so that Lylah's work can be displayed!! Yay!! When Nathan was working on hanging it, Lylah immediately said "I need my hammer!" and ran and got her toy hammer!! So sweet. Anyway it turned our GREAT!! I still have some ideas for making her learning room perfect so we'll see how long it take for those to happen.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Worth mentioning

Do you ever have moments that just don't require a whole blog post, yet you want to record them for the sake of remembering or you just think people would like to know? Well that is what this post is for!

So, its worth mentioning that:

Lylah is mostly potty trained. She still has an occasional accident, and is mildly terrified of pooing inthe potty regularly, but other than that she is wearing her Elmo panties proudly. She will gladly let anyone who so wishes to come in the bathroom and watch her go "potty power" do so! I however live in a constant state of indigestion since she insists on having to go potty about a dozen times per each meal!

Nathan has had vertigo for the past couple of weeks. He has been a serious trooper and worked right through it despite feeling kinda junky. The exercises he has to do for it are very funny to me.

I have been baking like crazy. I really am enjoying it! I made the yummiest yeast rolls and have been keeping dough in the fridge to make artisan bread in 5 minutes a day. I need bread pans though so that I can attempt to make loaves. Hint hint mom and dad ;)

Lylah got a big girl hair cut. I only planned on it being a trim, but she wiggled at the exact wrong moment. The short cut suits her well I think :)

Speaking of Lylah she has been saying some super sweet/funny things lately!!! Tonight for instance, she picked a book to read and said, "mommy, I picked the perfect hilarious book.". Seriously, where does she come up with this!!!!??

Lylah also had her first friend sleep over. She was so excited!! We had great fun. I did realize that we have A LOT of work to do on sharing before Lydia gets here!!!

Speaking of Lydia, we are now #7 on the list and have our referral fee raised (thanks to lots of you)!! So when we move to number one we'll be able to accept right away!! We are now raising fees for travel and some other paperwork stuff. We are well over half way through with fees though!!!

I'm still way big time enjoying my Usborne Books and More business!! I'd love to show you these great books so just let me know if you'd like to get together and see them!! www.myubam.com/P3244

I've also been sewing more lately! I've even made a skirt and dress for myself. Turns out the one thing holding me back from being able to sew was the presser foot. Who would have known that putting that silly thing down was so important?!

Here are some fun pictures of our past few weeks as well!

A is for apple

So we are still working on the format of our learning time....I recently decided that it was a little much to try and do letter, math, Bible, and theme activities for each day. I decided to try incorporating theme type activities into our letter time. So far I think it is working well. Of course there will be letters whereb it is a bit tricky, but we aren't there yet :)

With that being said, this week we worked on the letter 'A' while incorporating some apple activities as well.

This was a fun game for Lylah! She would roll the die (her favorite part) and then count out that many "apples".

She was super proud of her apple art!!! In fact after she finished she ran out of the room to show daddy....too bad he was working out of town and wasn't actually home!!! PS. Yes those are socks on her hands. What can I say, our daughter can be very quirky!!!

We had several types of Apple treats!!! Slices with shapes in the middle, cooked apples, and Jackson's apple cider slush!!! Yum!!

Our friend Kennedy got to come along for learning time a couple of days too!! Here Lylah is tweezing apples (or supposed to be) and Kennedy is playing the counting apples game.

The girls also made apple pie out of playdough. I wanted to make some cinnamon scented playdough, but just didn't get to it.

The girls also did do-a-dot 'A's. Lylah also painted apple prints, but that didn't make the pictures for some reason, and both girls made apple cores out of paper. We also did a few other activities this week.

Practiced cutting on straight lines. She also practiced writing straight lines. I was really surprised at how well she did with both of this activities!!

This was a great little fine motor activity!!! Balancing marbles on golf tees!!!

Circle art!

And a fall sensory bin!!! We also continued working on making our creation book. This week we worked on Day 3- God made the land. We used our sensory bin several times and also went on walks and talked about our beautiful land!!!