Monday, November 29, 2010

Color Practice

Lylah loves the Signing Time video about colors!! So, I found a little idea on a blog, to help her experience her colors in a new way. I just painted the different sections of an egg carton in each color. I went to Hobby Lobby and got some colored pom-poms and let Lylah go to town. She was so excited! She started signing colors and saying "bow" which means rainbow. She liked putting the pom-poms in the sections even if they weren't always right. She also loved walking out of the room with a handful of pom-poms and then coming back and putting them up. She's a hoot!!

DIY Cardboard Box Kitchen Play set

I am a BIG fan of Family Fun magazine. I've had a subscription since before Lylah was born in anticipation of one day being able to use the fun ideas with our children. Well, I have used several ideas already, but NONE compare to the Cardboard Kitchen Play set found in the December 2010 issue!!! As soon as I saw it I knew we had to make one too!! In fact, I went back and forth with some other more expensive DIY ideas and was going to make one for Christmas, but I talked myself out of it thinking maybe Lylah wasn't quite old enough. Well, this one was going to be so darn cheap that it wouldn't had been a big loss had it gone unnoticed by our lil' lady. Anyway, here is the finished product:

First of all, I was SOOOO wrong about Lylah not being old enough. She loves it!! She goes to the sink and pretends to wash her hands, and she turns the knobs on the stove.
Second of all it was SOOOO easy to make!! I actually went to Lowes and bought boxes (if you were better at waiting then I was you could probably find some for free) The two main boxes were 18x18x16 and cost $1.29. The box used for the shelf cost .95cents, but I'm not sure of the size. We had to cut it down a bit anyway. I got colored duct tape with a 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby for $2.99. From there we just followed the directions in the magazine, easy peasy!! For our stove knobs we used the tops off of old spices we never use and Nathan drilled a hole in them. Then we actually found some knobs at Lowes for .80 cents a piece for the cabinets and oven. You could use anything though. Here is a closer picture of how that turned out.
My favorite part is the window. Our little pizza shop here in the Grove donated a box that just so happened to have a great view of Italy!! I added the pillowcase curtains and there you have it!! So cute!
We did also get some adhesive hooks to hang towels and a little hand broom bringing the grand total to under $10. Well worth the fun that Lylah has been having!!

So Thankful

So I'm a little late on this, but Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year so here I go with a little post about all things Thanksgiving. First of all what's not to love about Turkey Day?!! The colors are beautiful, the food is YUM-O, the company is a hoot (at least at our gatherings they are) and the purpose is giving thanks which we all could do a lot more often.

Anyway, I'm very thankful. I'm thankful for my husband. The fact that his knee is healing and that God has been providing while he is unable to work. Speaking of my hubs, I'm thankful for the way he makes me laugh even when I don't want to, for the daddy he is to our lil' lady, and for the leader he is and is becoming more and more everyday.

I'm thankful for our lil' lady. The fact that she seems to be going to sleep right now without screaming (we've had a rough past couple of days in that department) and for the way I am reminded of our Awesome God as I watch her grow and learn. Speaking of our lil' lady, I'm thankful for the way she runs up and squeezes my legs for no apparent reason, for every time she calls me "MAMA", and for the way she is developing her very own personality (however strong willed it is)!

I'm thankful for our families. They love us, support us, laugh with us and sometimes give us someone to laugh at!!

I'm thankful for our house. It is over 100 years old, it is drafty, it has a permanent layer of dust, but it serves its purpose and is home to us.

I'm thankful for our church. We get to God, grow in Christ, and give to others there.

I'm thankful for our friends. We started as a gang of nearly and newly marrieds and now are a bigger gang of young mama's and daddy's!! We have prayed together, laughed together, cried together, and praised together.

Finally, I'm thankful for God from whom all these blessing flow.

Now, with that being said, you know I can't post without some fun pics. These are from a craft Lylah and I did!! It is a "Thankful Turkey". Lylah "told" me what she was thankful for: mama and dada, our extended family, Bible and Jesus, signing time, snacks, and Mrs. Kim. Then she drew pictures on each feather and I glued it together with hot glue. It was our centerpiece for our Friday Thanksgiving dinner!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Time to think Christmas Cards

I'll admit it. Last year I went back and forth about Christmas cards. I really wanted to make ours, but realized that there wasn't enough time in the day to get enough made to send out. I wanted something that would be cute and showcase our family as well as communicate our love and faith to family and friends. I ended up rushing to an area drug store for cards that were okay, but could've been oh, so much better. This year I plan on being much more prepared and ordering from Shutterfly! Shutterfly is the solution for anyone facing a Christmas Card delima. They have lots of great options. There are plenty of color choices:
I like the black background with the multi-colored letters on this card.

There is the traditional green and red always cute, cute!

Or blue and white for a frosty feel!

Once you know a color scheme to go with then you can choose from 1 or more pictures!! The layouts are great-giving the cards an almost hand made appearance without all of the time that hand made requires!
So whether you have one,

or more pictures,
you are sure to find the right Christmas card at Shutterfly! I can't wait mail our "just right" card this Holiday season!!

And right now Shutterfly is giving back to us bloggers!! They are offering 50 free cards just for spreading the word about their great cards! All you have to do is sign up, blog, then pay shipping and tax costs!! While you are there you can even do some Christmas shopping or get a little something to help you count the days until next Christmas!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A little off the top

Our lil' lady refuses to keep hair clips or pony tails in her hair which usually results in the above looks.

This morning, I got out the signing time app, my scissors, and the first curl keeper due to the fact that Lylah kept closing her eyes tight like her hair was bothering her. Yep, time for her first trim! I say trim because if anyone knows me and my hair cutting history (my sister, my neighbor, and countless barbie dolls) then you know I have no business doing the full haircut thing!! Today's client thankfully walked away not looking much different-just a better view of those sweet eyes:

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mesker Park Zoo

We took a weekend to head up to Indiana to visit mom and dad (Bebe and Papaw) recently. It was an absolute beautiful weekend and we took full advantage of it by visiting the Mesker Park Zoo. We have been to several zoos now with our lil' lady (Cincinnati and Louisville), but this one was by far the best zoo for a small toddler!! First of all there were no crowds at all. There were several times in the day when it seemed like we were the only ones there. That was perfect for Lylah because she could walk most of the time, which was what she wanted to do. The zoo is a lot smaller, but it still has some really great animals and some close encounters as well. They actually have a giraffe feeding which was really cool. Of course before the feeding we were helping the giraffe get to the leaves he was trying to reach. Lylah was so cute picking up leaves and taking them over to the giraffe, she was not nervous at all. In fact later on in the day when we were visiting the rhino, a zoo worker stood right outside the cage and was giving him a belly rub, Lylah just looked at us like "okay, it's my turn now". The girl loves her some animals that is FOR SURE!! She did all of her animal signs and noises and just really had a lot of fun! So did we for that matter!!

15 months

Our little lady is 15 months old!! I feel like she has changed more in the past few months than she has since her first few months. Here is what is new:

She is walking to the point of almost running.
She can also spin and "jump".
She does very well going up stairs, not so great on the down.
She has gotten really good at her stacking rings, building blocks, and shape sorting.
She knows more signs than we can keep track of. Our favorites-penguin, excited, and 'i love you'. She is also talking more than we can keep track of. She remembers lots of things over time. For instance, when we pull up to dollar general she says 'balloon' because they have lots of the helium balloons. She REALLY likes to be funny. She is a picky eater and usually only eats one good meal a day. Her favorite things to play with are books. Her favorite books- anything by Eric Carle, books with pictures of real animals, and her Bible. She can even do hand motions for Psalm 47:1!! One thing that has not changed is how crazy we are about her!!! Who can blame us?!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Now and Then

We recently went to one of our favorite fall places, the paved walking trail at Barren River Lake Resort Park. It is perfect for families who have to rely on a stroller for all or part of the walk. Plus, it is beautiful in the fall. The walk is mostly shaded and super peaceful. We discovered this little gem last year when Lylah was under 2 months old. We went a few times for picnics and walks. In those days Lylah slept as Nathan and I just watched her, thinking about how new and exciting every little move she made was.

Well, at our most recent visit, approximately a year later was much different. We didn't pack a picnic, but we did walk for a while stopping with our little lady to investigate pine cones and leaves. We let her walk and help push the stroller. When we finished our walk she promptly signed "playground" and started "ooohing and ahhing" at the nice play set they have. Lylah played and Nathan and I played along thinking how much she had changed and how we have enjoyed every single moment of this past year with our lil' lady.