Monday, February 11, 2013

Two years and still counting

Tomorrow is a big day. Tomorrow is the two year mark for our adoption journey. As I was looking back at the posts from February 2011 I can't even begin to explain the emotions. So much has changed. As I sit here and try to come up with something worth saying, I just have to say some days are harder than others. Of course some days are busy, and even though Lydia is always on my heart, those days life sort of just takes over. There are other days when I am full of peace that surpasses all understanding. Then there are still days when it's harder to remind myself of the truth of Gods word and sorrow threatens to overwhelm me. In those moments or on those days I am even more thankful for a few things: the sweetness of the body of Christ as I reflect on those interceding on ours and Lydia's behalf, the gift of "big sis" here with me each day, making me laugh and learn so much, and the fact that Jesus knows my heart and all of the emotions flooding it better than even I do. I wouldn't have chosen for this journey to be two years and still rolling, but since this journey has the fingerprints of my Heavenly Father all over it, I will rest in His perfect plan; just some days better than others ;-)

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